Monday, July 11, 2011

For the LIGHT of my life.. :)

The buds of our friendship
and blossomed into
the Garden Of LOVE..
Engulfed in its fragrance
is our Love....

It has made
all the 
difference in my life.


I smile often,
'cos I know ,
I am smiling with you.
I talk more,
for you are there to listen to me.

I laugh more,
'cos I love to hear your voice
along with that of mine....

I am hardly angry,
for you taught me to control it..

I have become more compromising,
for now I know
how it strengthens the bonds of love...

Above all,
I am now my real self..
for you love the person in me...

This come to THANK YOU,
for sharing with me
the Garden of love.....

'cos now I breathe
and live in  its fragrance....
for I cannot think of
Living otherwise...!

( Dedicated to the LIGHT of my life... ;)

 and also to Chitra..who actually taught me to control my anger... so much so that now at times I get frustrated that I don't get angry at all anymore... :) 

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