Wednesday, July 6, 2011

अंखियों के कोर में
बहुत देर से झिलमिला रही ,
वो आंसू की एक बूँद
बही तो थी .....
झुलस गयी अर्ध्यपथ पर ,
दहेज़ की अग्नि में
वो कोमल कपोल
तप जो रहे थे !

शायद -
था अंत यही
किसी की बहु ,
किसी की बेटी का .......!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Was very disturbed with the headlines flooding on news papers during that time when dowry death had beocme rampant and too gory to describe...

    It was also the same time when thoughts about my marriage had started creeping in my family's mind... and in spite of my family's deep convincing...the whole idea at that time became too scary and creepy.......